Pieter De Leenheer edit

Affiliation Semantics Technology and Applications Research Laboratory
Publications 31
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28 DOGMA-MESS: A meaning evolution support system for interorganizational ontology engineering - In Proc. of the 14th International Conference on Conceptual Structures, (ICCS 2006 - 2006
20 A Small-Gain Theorem for Almost Global Convergence of Monotone Systems -
17 Context dependency management in ontology engineering - LNCS Journal on Data Semantics - 2007
15 Context-driven disambiguation in ontology elicitation - Context and Ontologies: Theory, Practice, and Applications. Proc. of the 1st Context and Ontologies Workshop, AAAI/IAAI 2005 - 2005
8 On the stability of periodic solutions in the perturbed chemostat - Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering - 2007
7 Leenheer, “Open semantic service networks - in International Symposium on Services Science (ISSS’12 - 2012
6 Open Semantic Service Networks: Modeling and Analysis -
3 R.: T-lex: A role-based ontology engineering tool - In: Proceedings of Workshop on ORM, OnTheMove Federated Conferences: Meersman - 2006
2 Towards social performance indicators for community-based ontology evolution - In: Workshop on Collaborative Construction, Management and Linking of Structured Knowledge at the International Semantic Web Conference - 2009
1 Nichesourcing: Harnessing the Power of Crowds of Experts -
1 DOGMA-MESS: A tool for fact-oriented collaborative ontology evolution, in: On the Move to Meaningful Internet Systems - OTM 2008 Workshops
1 Voice-based Access to Linked Market Data in the Sahel -
1 Challenges and opportunities for more meaningful and sustainable internet systems - In Proc. of the International Future Internet Symposium, LNCS - 2008
1 The Web of Radios- Introducing African Community Radio as an interface to the Web of Data -
1 Using Graph Transformation to Support Collaborative Ontology Evolution - In Proc. of the 3 rd Intl. Sympo. on App. of Graph Transformations with Industrial Relevance (AGTIVE'07 - 2007
1 Towards Community-based Evolution of Knowledge-intensive Systems ⋆ -
1 An Ontology-based Data Matching Framework: Use Case Competency-based HRM -
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