Multi-trapdoor commitments and their applications to proofs of knowledge secure under concurrent man-in-the-middle attacks,” in CRYPTO, 2004. A Cryptographic Assumptions We define the hardness assumptions that we use in the security proof of our optimized

by Rosario Gennaro
Venue:Similarly, B recovers Wmid(x) and Ymid(x) such that Wmid = Wmid(s) and Ymid = Ymid(s). Then, it sets H(x) = ((v0(x)+V (x))(w0(x)+W(x))−(y0(x)+Y (x)))/t(x), where V (x) = ∑k∈[N] ckvk(x) +Vmid(x) (and similarly for W(x) and Y (x)). Since the
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