Documents Related by Co-Citation

568 Eraser: a dynamic data race detector for multithreaded programs – Stefan Savage, Michael Burrows, Greg Nelson, Patrick Sobalvarro, Thomas Anderson - 1997
143 Learning from mistakes: a comprehensive study on real world concurrency bug characteristics. ASPLOS ’08 – S Lu, S Park, E Seo, Y Zhou
1126 The SPLASH-2 programs: Characterization and methodological considerations – Steven Cameron Woo, Moriyoshi Ohara, Evan Torrie, Jaswinder Pal Singh, Anoop Gupta - 1995
84 A serializability violation detector for sharedmemory server programs – Min Xu, Rastislav Bodík, Mark D Hill - 2005
75 Ctrigger: exposing atomicity violation bugs from their hiding places – Soyeon Park, Shan Lu, Yuanyuan Zhou - 2009
648 Pin: building customized program analysis tools with dynamic instrumentation – Chi-keung Luk, Robert Cohn, Robert Muth, Harish Patil, Artur Klauser, Geoff Lowney, Steven Wallace, Vijay Janapa, Reddi Kim Hazelwood - 2005
176 A “flight data recorder” for enabling full-system multiprocessor deterministic replay – Min Xu, Rastislav Bodik, Mark D Hill - 2003
137 AVIO: Detecting Atomicity Violations via Access Interleaving Invariants – Shan Lu, Joseph Tucek, Feng Qin, Yuanyuan Zhou - 2006
128 Iterative context bounding for systematic testing of multithreaded programs – M Musuvathi, S Qadeer