Documents Related by Co-Citation

511 StackGuard: Automatic adaptive detection and prevention of buffer-overflow attacks – Crispin Cowan, Calton Pu, Dave Maier, Heather Hinton, Jonathan Walpole, Peat Bakke, Steve Beattie, Aaron Grier, Perry Wagle, Qian Zhang - 1998
348 CCured: Type-Safe Retrofitting of Legacy Code – George C. Necula, Scott McPeak, Westley Weimer - 2002
282 A static analyzer for finding dynamic programming errors’, Software Practice and Experience – William R Bush, Jonathan D Pincus, David J Sielaff - 2000
352 Checking system rules using system-specific, programmer-written compiler extensions – Dawson Engler, Benjamin Chelf, Andy Chou - 2000
345 Cyclone: A safe dialect of C – Trevor Jim, Greg Morrisett , Dan Grossman , Michael Hicks , James Cheney, Yanling Wang
201 Backwards-compatible bounds checking for arrays and pointers in C programs – Richard W M Jones, Paul H J Kelly, Most C, Uncaught Errors - 1997
181 Statically Detecting Likely Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities – David Larochelle, David Evans - 2001
384 Flow-Sensitive Type Qualifiers – Jeffrey S. Foster, Tachio Terauchi, Alex Aiken - 2002
591 Dynamically discovering likely program invariants to support program evolution – M Ernst, J Cockrell, W Griswold, D Notkin - 1998