What is Erlang-style concurrency?, http://ulf.wiger.net/weblog/ 2008/02/06/what-is-erlang-style-concurrency/ Technical Report HW-MACS-TR-0091 17 A Categorical Structure on Closures We’ve seen in Section 3.2 that Closure isn’t a functor, yet mapClosure loo (0)

by U Wiger
Venue:mapClosure idClosure = id mapClosure (clo_g ‘compClosure‘ clo_f) = mapClosure clo_g . mapClosure clo_f B Code for Sum of Euler’s Totients sumeuler_prim :: Int -> [Int] -> Par Integer sumeuler_prim sparks xs = sum <$> (mapM join =<< mapM spark_sumeuler xss